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Rock Fitness

Personal Training and Classes for Men

How can Rock Fitness help you?

Rock Fitness helps men improve their lives by assisting them in becoming healthier and feeling better about their bodies. This includes exercise, proper nutrition, as well as a healthy mindset. See what Rock Fitness can do for you!

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Fitness Equipments

About Me

Living a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be torture! It should be encouraging and a source of stability and confidence. My goal is to help people integrate healthy habits into their lives in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

Everyone is different and that is why I create a unique, personalized program for each and every client. Let's get in touch to see how I can help you become healthier and enjoy the process!

How I Can Help

There are many different ways to get fit and stay fit. Lose weight, run a marathon or get that beach body—take a look below at the different ways I can help achieve your fitness goals.

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Personal Training

Gain muscle, strength, and confidence


Get fit with friends on a budget!

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Outdoor Workout

Written Workouts

Get fit on your own schedule

Nutrition Coaching

Eat well, lose fat, feel energized

Vegetarian Food

Private Gym Rentals

Workout in complete privacy!

Rocky knows how to pinpoint my exact fitness level and designs my workouts to push the needle every single time. I have been working with Rocky for over two years and I highly recommend him.

Shimmy I.

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A look inside the studio

Contact Me

Yerachmiel (Rocky) Bochner

Kew Gardens Hills, Queens, New York


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